Genius Invention: Storage Ottoman!

I’ve got 4 kids under this roof and they have a lot of crap toys. In my quest to have a stylish-but-kid-friendly home, I’ve looked for a way to keep the toys off the floor. One favorite toy around here is that darn train set. Wait…actually, I’ve got four sets (plus more)!

I’ve got…

WHEW! Do you see how many pieces this craziness has?! It’s almost as bad as having Legos around the house. Am I right?

But no, I did not purchase these all at once. (I’m not insane.) They were gifts to the kids, on different occasions, from different people. To keep them off the floor, I used to keep these in big Sterilite plastic bins. Not stylish in the least, but they did the job.

But dear husband, I want style! I’m going shopping at Target!

Yay for husbands who let their wives go to Target, knowing full well what the shopping consequences will be – even if she went in with a list.

Ta-da! Clearance Sale on these babies! $12 for each storage ottoman was a steal!

storange ottoman

Bye bye unfashionable, bland Sterilite bins. Hello cute, teal, and practical storage ottomans!

I gathered up all the plastic trains, car wash, and fire truck pieces and separated them – the huge pieces in one, and the million, small pieces in another.

Moms, dads, grandparents, anyone with a kid…I’m telling you, IT WAS PERFECT.

storage ottoman hide toys

storage ottoman hide toys away

It was so perfect that they EVEN fit under my side table. The result was a bonus pseudo-coffee table with extra seating! #Winning!

storage ottoman side table

And for the other hundred, wooden IKEA train set pieces? I had a smaller, old storage ottoman lying around… Still perfect.

old storage ottoman

I just love it when things work out. Don’t you?


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