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PicsArt Photo Remix

I have a photo app called PicsArt on my phone. No, this is not an ad. I was just playing around with it and thought I’d share my creation. It’s sort of a substitute for scrapbooking. It’s a less messy alternative, actually, but can still be quite challenging.

PicsArt has a whole community of photographers and artists who create and share on a regular basis. They even have prompts and contests to inspire every kind of creative mind out there.

For those of us who are still amateur photographers and artists, there’s a challenge called “FREE TO EDIT.” You’re given a simple, photo of something, then, using JUST the PicsArt app and all its features, you edit it any way you like!

Here was the starting point.

picsart freetoedit coffee

I do LOVE a cup of coffee (or two or three), so of course I chose this to start out with… So with layering, filters, and fonts, I was able to create this cute little number (If I do say so, myself.)!

picsart my freetoedit remix

But there were so many others who had so much more talent than me. I can’t believe how some of them even made what they did! Here’s a very small sample:

picsart freetoedit hush  picsart freetoedit coffee tech  picsart freetoedit coffee time  picsart freetoedit headphones picsart freetoedit music picsart freetoedit railroad

It’s a pretty fun thing to do when you’ve got time to kill, I suppose. It’s definitely something that challenges my creative side. Creating something original is always a challenge, right?

How about you? Are you part of any photography community?


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